Hi Mike, See this months machinery bulletin below
Thames Valley Machinery
May ‘23 Bulletin
Hi Mike

Thought you would like to get a look into this months pre-owned machines

We provide amazing, customer-focused advice, and help you source what you are after. We can also help you with the selling process of your machinery, with even possible part exchanges. We have a range of stock for your needs from Combines/Foragers, Tractors to ATV, Drills and Big Balers and much more.

I have added my stock list below with a few good items highlighted for you. My contact details are below, should you be looking for a machine or assistance right now.Thanks for reading this and thanks in advance if you shared this with your team.

Kind Regards

Mike Hampshire
Thames Valley Machinery
07764  835562
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Mike Mike: +44 (0)7764 835562
Web: www.tvmachinery.com
This Months Featured Items
Combine Harvesters
30ft Vario,1700 hrs
Price: £ 130000
Condition: Excellent

2018 JOHN DEERE 6250R     
A Power, 50kph,4300 hrs
Price: £ 97500
Condition: Superb

2016 JCB 541/70 Agri Pro     
7m, Hitch, 5300 hrs 
Price: £49950
Condition: V Good

2012 Claas 3300 TA                 
Tandem axle,fans,38000 bls 
120cm X 90cm bale size
Price: £52500
Condition: Excellent

2014 Kuhn 883D 8.8m Mower   
Grass Machinery
8.8m, butterlfy mower
Price: £12500
Condition: Good condition

2013 Claas Lexion Montana 750 4wd
30ft vario, trailer.1877 hrs. V tidy
[View Online] £125000 
2013 Claas Lexion 760TT
30ft vario, trailer.1700/2400 hrs. V tidy
[View Online] £130000
2008 New Holland CR9080
30ft header, chopper, chaff spreader, trailer,2079 hrs V Good
[View Online] £75000
2008 John Deere T550
20ft header, chopper, chaff spreader, trailer,1474 hrs V Good
[View Online] £56950
1987 NH TX34MSL, 17ft
trolley,chopper, rape knife. Tidy for age
[View Online] £10950
2010 John Deere 7450   
Pro Drive Forager c/w headers. 3100 hrs. Tidy  NOW SOLD
[View Online] £89000
2018 (18)Fendt 936 Profi Plus 
360 hp , front links, tidy  NOW SOLD
2018(18) JD 6250R
(250hp) AP,50kph,4 spools,front links, 4800 hrs. V Tidy
[View Online] £97500
2016 (16)JD 6175R
(175hp),AQ,50kph,air, 4300 hrs. V Tidy
[View Online £63500
2015 (15)JD 6215R
(215hp),D D,50kph,air, F links/PTO, 8600 hrs. V Tidy
[View Online] £ 47500
2019 (19)Kubota M7152
(150hp),50kph,air,F Links +PTO, only 1000 hrs. V Tidy [Vi
[View Online] £ 56950
2011(11) MF 6490 Dyna 6
50kph, 3400 hrs. Good condition
  £ POA
2017(17) NH T6.160
(160hp), Auto Command,50 kph, 3200 hrs NOW SOLD 
[View Online] £49950
2016 (16) NH T7.270 Auto Command
(270hp),650 X 38 , 600 X 28, 2900 hrs. Tidy
[View Online] £72500
1981 MF 4840 Articulated
290 hp, linkage, 3500 hrs. Tidy for age
[View Online] £35000
2005 Case MXU125
125 hp, Electroshift, Tidy
[View Online] £20950
2003 Case MXM120
120 hp,40 kph,  Good,genuine tractor
[View Online] £16500
2016 JCB 541/70 Agri Pro 4.1.t
lift to 7m, air con, hitch,5300 hrs. V Tidy
[View Online] £49750
2012 JCB 526/56 Ag Spec 2.6t
lift to 6m, hitch,2500 hrs. V Tidy
  £ POA
2005 Honda TRX 500 Foreman
lighting ,1500 hrs. Tidy
  £ POA
2020 Vaderstad RDA800S
8m drill, ipad, i seed, 3000 ha. Excellent
[View Online] £79950
2017 Sly 6m Easy Drill 
6m direct drill, 3 hoppers, 2000 ha, Tidy
2014 Vaderstad RDA800S
8m drill ,tramlining, 3500 Ha. V tidy
2016 Weaving GD6000T 
6m direct  drill,tramlining, markers. Good condition
[View Online] £38950
2017 Pottinger Terrasem 6m Artis
6m drill, leading discs,tramlining, markers, following harrow
[View Online] £29950
1995 Vaderstad 600P 6m
drill, tramlining, markers, following harrow. Fair
[View Online] £5950
2006 Weaving 6m
6m tineseeder drill. Tidy 
[View Online] £8950
2018 Techneat Duo seeder
c/w 3 hoppers and 6 seed disc assemblies
[View Online] £4950
2007 Bateman RB26 3000l
24m  boom, wash ,rinse,7800 hrs, Ag Leader. Tidy NOW SOLD
1999 Bateman RB16, 3000l
24m boom,3000l,  Tidy
[View Online] £19750
2010 Chafer Guardian 4000
trailed , 4000l tank, 24m boom. V Good
Fertiliser Spreaders / Broadcasters / Avadexers
2016 Kverneland Exactor TL 3500
36m, E Controls,  hopper cover. Super condition
[View Online] £7950
2006 Kuhn Axis 30.1
24m, hyd controls, hopper cover. Good condition.
[View Online] £ 2,350
1994 Amazone ZAU 2500
, 2500, 24m, cover.
2010 Vaderstad TD400 Topdown 
4m disc cultivator. Excellent condition
2019 Weaving Sub Disc 3m
disc cultivator. Excellent condition
[View Online] £11950
2000 Opico Hatzenbichler
Tiger 5.5m seedbed cultivator.
[View Online] £2950
1998 Farm Force 4m
trailed folding press
[View Online] £ 1,950
2014 Kuhn Manager S 8f
vari width,8f, semi mounted, Tidy
[View Online] £11950
2000 Kverneland RL100 8f
semi-mounted plough, No 8, variwidth. V Good
[View Online] £ 5,950
1998 Lemken 80"
plough Furrow Press
[View Online] £ POA
2007 K2 DUO  14t Grain trailer
tandem sprung axles, 540 tyres,hyd gate. V Tidy
  £ POA
2006 K2 DUO 14t Grain trailer
tandem sprung axles, air, 540 X 22.5 . Tidy
  £ POA
1994 AS Martson 14ton  trailer
tandem axle, super singles.
1988 AS Marston 14 ton  trailer
tandem axle, super singles.
2013 AW 10 ton bale trailer
24ft bale trailer, tandem axles Tidy
[View Online] £4950
1995 Wootton 10ton Hi Lift trailer    £ POA
Diet Feeders
1998 K & K Power Mix 12 cum tub
diet feeder
[View Online] £ 4,000
2010 Allen Rota Feeder
2 ton auger feeder
Manure Spreaders
2016 Shelbourne Reynolds
Power Spread Pro 3200. Had little use NOW SOLD 
Big/Round balers
2012 Claas 3300 baler
120 X 90cm bale size, tandem sprung,35,000 bls. V Tidy
[View Online] £52500
2004 Claas 2100 baler
80cm X 70cm bale size, 80,000 bls. Tidy
[View Online] £16950
Grass Kit
2021 Kuhn 950 Merge Max
9.5m grass windrower
[View Online] £44950
2014 Kuhn FC883D 8.8m
rear butterfly mowers c/w conditioners. Tidy
[View Online] £12500
2019 Claas Volto 1100 Tedder
11m, mounted  V Tidy
[View Online £12950 
2017 Bomford TS2800 Topper 
2.8m, mounted  V Tidy
Grain Handling/Misc
Kentra 15t/hr drier    £POA
Bentall 12t/hr drier    £2750
Veraducci Hosereel Irrigator 350m    £POA
Mike Hampshire
M. 07764 835562

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